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Bee Management

Chances are, you or someone you know has had a personal experience with Bee's and there hives the damages that they cause.

That is not a coincidence! In fact, research has shown that the west coast has some of the highest Bee populations than anywhere else in the country. That equates to billions in damage and repair costs annually. Since most homeowner’sinsurance doesn’t cover this damage, who wouldn’t be concerned?

Bees, there are a wide variety of Bees in the Lake Elsinore, CA area. Many people confuse Bees with Wasps and Hornets. Bees are generally less aggressive than Wasps and Hornets. Some of the species of Bees are: Honey Bees, Bumble Bees, and Carpenter Bees. Please see the Eco Pest Control portion of this website to help you identify the Pest you may have. [If you have a Wasp/Hornet problem, please see below.] Bee species can be very different from one another; for instance Honey Bees are perennial with colonies that survive for more than one year, while Bumble Bees have annual colonies where the colony dies in the fall with only the newly born Queens surviving the winter. Nests and hives differ as well as possessing unique behaviors. Bees are generally a beneficial insect unless they invade into the living space of people where they can become aroused and protective. Bee stings can be harmful to people if an individual is allergic or if someone is bitten numerous times. It is rare but there are recorded cases of people dying from a serious allergic reaction, (anaphylactic shock), to Bee stings.

Besides stinging, Bees can cause damage when nesting in structures developing honey stains that can seep through walls, and large internal nests can also deform walls. Carpenter Bees bore into wood to create nests called “galleries” where they can winter over, creating a huge colony in a few short years. But the fear of being stung is probably the biggest problem with Bee hives and nests. A large hive under an eve of a roof can fall enraging an entire colony into a stinging frenzy; a very dangerous situation for anyone in the area.!