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Restaurants and Food Service

At Eco Pest Control we have a keen understanding of your high standards and the unique requirements within the restaurant industry as it pertains to pest control, food safety, and public safety. Eco Pest Control will customize a unique pest management solution based on our initial needs assessment. Without question, our customized pest management solution will increase profitability, increase your competitive edge in the marketplace and protect your brand identity.

Protecting your brand is our number one priority, second to providing your guests with a pest-free dining experience. Under our watch pest infestations that are common to the restaurant industry and commercial kitchens like cockroaches, flies and rats will be eliminated and preventive pest control measures will be taken to ensure your restaurant is free of nuisance pests. Eco Pest Control Commercial Division is ideal for restaurants whether they are a fine dining establishment or a local cafe. We always tailor our services to suit your needs as a business owner and develop a plan according to the budget you’ve set for your restaurant.

The goal of our Eco Pest Control Professionals for the restaurant industry is to minimize your concerns related to pests and the problems they create, provide a timely response to customer satisfaction issues, incorporate an IPM program that supports your company’s environmental philosophies, and diminish revenue lost to infestation/pest related issues.